Ghostwriting: Worth Knowing + 6 Ghostwriter Search Tips

For lack of time, many students, but also professionals, hire a ghostwriter for their work. We’ll inform you about legal conditions, gray areas, costs, and have 6 valuable tips for you to know before hiring a ghostwriter.

What is a ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is an author who writes for someone else on an assignment. The title Ghostwriter does not require any specific skills. Mostly, however, he has better writing skills than his client. The ghostwriter gives up his copyrights and rights of use against payment of a fee. Ghostwriters in professional agencies often have an academic degree.

Ghostwriting is used by celebrities and politicians who have no desire, no time or no talent for writing. Political speeches written by ghostwriters or biographies of well-known personalities are not controversial. It is different, however, when students fall back on the anonymous writing assistant.

In the past, ghostwriting was commonplace in the academic field. Chair holders had scientific texts written by their staff and then had them published under their name. Today, this approach is not only frowned upon and can be embarrassing with inquiries, it can also have legal consequences. The foreign writing of chores, diploma, bachelor, master or master theses is not allowed according to the examination regulations.


Ghostwriting itself is not illegal. The ghostwriter is not punishable. Only putting your name under his work is not allowed. At the end of every home or graduation thesis, you have to declare on oath that the work is written by yourself. If someone finds out that you have hired a ghostwriter, there is a risk that you will be exmatriculated because you have violated the examination regulations.

Gray areas

If ghostwriters merely offer their work as a blueprint or example and the student still rewrites this draft, he is in a legal gray area. Theoretically, the work may have been written for him on a particular topic. He can then use them in practice as a guide and saves the laborious search for literature sources.

There are also providers that provide academic support in the form of coaching. They are also in a kind of gray area, because they do not write the written work one-to-one, but only offer help in formulating, formatting and structuring.

Differentiation to plagiarism

Ghostwriting is not a plagiarism. A plagiarism is the unauthorized or unmarked use of a text that has already been published. These include, for example, quotes in term papers. Even if you have just adopted the wording of another, you have to highlight this in your work. Otherwise, you would argue that the choice of words comes in the form of you.

However, since your ghostwriter has not published his words anywhere else, you do not plagiarize. Many ghostwriting agencies also provide a guarantee that there is no plagiarism from other authors in their written work.

Reasons for ghostwriting

There are a variety of reasons why a ghostwriter is involved. Of course, it is often the lack of linguistic expertise that makes the clients doubt themselves. Ghostwriters provide security and save the client a lot of time and nerves. But there are other reasons.

In the study

For students, it can also be a job offer or a stay abroad, which contrast the professional and life experience of the service to be provided in the study. The study is characterized by theoretical foundations that can not always be applied later in the job. For this reason, it is more important for many students to gain practical experience during their studies. However, this is only possible during the semester break – and that’s exactly where the scientific papers have to be written.

A wrong time management and sometimes the inability to sign off from a registered exam can lead students to hire a ghostwriter. Seminars are attended only half-heartedly and the degree is only intended to improve career opportunities.

Another motivation for a ghostwriter in the study is when German is not the native language of the student. Often the learning and the exams are not a problem and the contents are understood and can be played back. But the inherently high linguistic demands of scholarly work, draw down the cut of many students.

At work

Even at work ghostwriters can be helpful. For example, if you have to give a speech to many people and do not know how to best reach them. You can also use the pre-made text as a guide only and use it to improve your rhetorical skills.

If you need to hold an important presentation, you can have it reviewed by a ghostwriting agency. Whenever there is serious paperwork, such an agency can help you. The editing or the correction of a written work is always legal.

The tasks of a ghostwriter

Many ghostwriting agencies offer different services. Creating a scientific paper includes literature research, evaluation of results with SPSS, copywriting, proofreading and plagiarism testing. However, there is often the opportunity to have a speech written or to have texts instead of just proofreading them. This is usually less work and therefore costs less.

The correction aims to provide linguistic correctness. That means: correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. The proofing also includes substantive unevenness. For example, stylistic errors such as inappropriate language, repetition or ambiguous language can be corrected.

Cost of a ghostwriter

The prices for a ghostwriter can of course differ depending on the agency. There are some different quality levels offered, which can also vary the price. The level of a housework for the school or a term paper is much cheaper than a master thesis or dissertation. If you are unsure and like to keep an eye on your expenses, you can also check with your ghostwriter or agency about the price.

Factors that also have a significant influence on the price are the page number, the days until submission and the department. Generally you should expect at least over one hundred euros. Prices are rising high in the thousands range.

6 Tips: You should pay attention to this with a ghostwriter

Below we’ll tell you about important things you should know before hiring a ghostwriter. With them you can avoid classic mistakes that could make you regret your decision afterwards. Following the tips below, you’ll find a small pros and cons list that summarizes all the arguments for you.

Be sure to reach

It is important to consult with your ghostwriter. He can inform you about the intermediate status of your work and discuss important matters with you. So that your work can be designed exactly to your liking, you should communicate a lot with it and go into detail. If your ghostwriter has questions or wants to know more about your needs, you should always be available. Otherwise, you risk paying a lot of money for a job that you can not identify with.

If you plan on going on vacation in the meantime, check with your ghostwriter first. Tell him how he can reach you in emergencies and when exactly you are back.

Scientific work: Your own choice of topic is inevitable

The choice of topic is an important step in all kinds of scientific work that the ghostwriter can not take away from you. On the one hand, because it is usually customary to discuss your topic with the lecturer beforehand. Second, because the topic always has to fit the study content. Many lecturers even want an outline in advance. She should keep him aware of your approach and allow him to make comments or make changes. In some cases, even the literature is discussed before.

You could have a guilty conscience afterwards

If you’ve hired a ghostwriter to write a paper for you, you should be aware that you might be plagued with guilty conscience later. If you care about achieving your degree on your own and you are actually a very moral person, you should first think in detail about whether it is right for you.

Even if you do not have any concerns at the moment, you can still track it later. Especially anxious people can suffer for a long time under the delusion of being caught. It takes courage to hire a ghostwriter.

To keep the secret is not so easy

The likelihood that you’ll get caught is negligible at reputable agencies. You’re more likely to take a risk when classmates find out you’ve hired a ghostwriter. The fewer people know about it, the better.

Be aware, however, that it is not easy to keep such a secret. Friends and family could ask you questions about the work and you might get embarrassed. In addition, some lecturers insist on personally discussing the grade of your work. In this conversation, you could be in distress if you did not spend enough time on your work or your instructor asks for specific sources.

Be careful with cheap prices

In particular, if you have not had any experience with ghostwriters, you should inform yourself about the usual prices. Agencies that are significantly cheaper than any other provider could only be so cheap because they employ untrained clerks. So that your scientific work is also of high quality, you have to plan a certain budget. Make sure to compare multiple providers before you decide.

Avoid payment in advance

It is your right as a customer for a scientific work in advance to ask for an Exposé or a sample text before you put a lot of money in the agency. Especially students are often in short supply and wish for the associated risk of a ghostwriter also a good performance.

If the agency wants the entire payment in advance, you should listen. Otherwise, you might pay but your job is not to your satisfaction and you are always stuck in customer service. Try to reach an agreement with the agency that is suitable for you. Installments are ok and usual. If you are lucky, you can also pay afterwards. With the last payment you should wait until you have the work in your hands. You may also require to be informed from time to time about the status of your work.

Pros and cons

Finally, we have created a short list for you, in which you can see all pros and cons arguments at a glance. We hope we could help you with your decision to hire a ghostwriter and give you all the important information.

+ time-saving

+ high probability of a good grade

+ relatively low chance of it coming out

+ your wishes will be fulfilled by arrangement

– bad conscience, because no own achievement was provided

– high price

– Risk of de-registration (violation of the examination regulations)

– For a lecturer discussion or an oral defense, you still have to deal more closely with your topic

If you have decided against a ghostwriter and would like to write your own work, we have tips for doing housework, writing a bachelor thesis and writing a master thesis. Here you learn better writing and creative writing.